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Friday, 13 March 2015

The Advantages of Simple Stringing

In my early jewellery making days I attended and enjoyed a silversmithing course. However on discovering glass bead making, I just didn't want to do anything else, especially something so intensive as silversmithing. I have also dabbled in beadwork and fused glass, but nothing holds me like bead making.
There are several reasons why I like to use simple bead stringing techniques.

1.The main reason is I like my jewellery to be about the beads I make. I don't want anything to detract, complicate or make them fussy.
Part of Spring/ Summer Collection

2. Less time making and joining components means more time creating beads. Yippee!

3. My beads are almost indestructible and so would probably outlast the finest clasps and findings. Simple stringing means that if a clasp, wire or ring breaks it is very easy to repair, replace or refresh.
In fact, all my jewellery except for sterling silver earring components, postage and packing, I will repair free of charge. So actually my jewellery is guaranteed for life!
Tactile Disc Bead Necklace

Bell Flower Earrings 2015

4. All my jewellery can be altered and made to measure to fit an individual. Necklaces and bracelets can be made bigger or smaller or beads can be arranged in a different way.

5. An item of jewellery can be changed while new or to an old favourite at a later date. Beads can be added or changed to create a new look.
Stringing with metal twisted beads

6. The findings are reasonably less expensive, so more of the value is in the originality and design of the handmade beads.

I know there is the issue of allergies. I always use sterling silver for earrings. Clasps etc. are generally silver plated and bead wire is nylon coated [tiger tail]. My glass beads have no rough edges, on the contrary they are very tactile. For those that don't like bare necklace wire, I also use seed beads that leave no exposed wire.
Memory Wire Bracelet fits nearly all Wrists

Seed Bead covered Wire

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