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Monday, 14 November 2016

A Brief Update and a New Name- Anna Hayward Glass Beads

It was way back in the Summer when my garden was all luscious, when I last posted. This is because I have decided to concentrate my updates mainly on my Facebook page

I now have a new website, which is fresher and more modern. I spend so much time taking photos and editing them, not only for my customer records but also my website, Pinterest, Etsy, Great British Exchange and Facebook. These days I find myself spending twice as much time working on my computer than I do actually making beads and creating jewellery.

Anyway, other than getting a new name and website, I had a successful Summer Open Studio and have been making plans to run workshops in my neighbouring summerhouse next Summer.

 I have just completed five Christmas collections for the shops and galleries that sell my jewellery. I am now busy getting some exciting new things ready for the three Christmas events I have coming up in the next few weeks.

Parkinson's UK Christmas Fayre
Saturday 26th November - 10am - 1pm
Wootton Bridge Community Centre.

Christmas Open Studios
Saturday 3rd December - 10am - 4pm
Sunday 4th December - 10am - 4pm
Tapnell Farm, Yarmouth

Twelve Days of Christmas
Thursday 15th December - 10am - 8pm
Friday 16th and Saturday 17th December - 10am - 5pm
Sunday 18th December - 10am - 4pm

Monday, 2 May 2016

More a Garden Post than a Bead Post, but Still Preparation for 'Open Studio'

Now that my stint at Quarr Abbey with 'Magpie Art' has finished, it is time to prepare for 'Open Studios' in July.
 I haven't been in my workshop to do anything other than to unpack. Instead I have been doing a little indirect preparation, getting my garden shipshape for the visitors I hope to have.
There sure is a lot to do. A couple of weeks ago I planted some new day lilies. In recent years I have found day lilies really resilient to waterlogged Winters and drought stricken Summers. They just need so little care. Yes, they can become invasive, but I don't mind, as they are easy to turf out and thin if they do. They also have the advantage of flowering at just the right time for 'Open Studios'.
Anyway, with all this in mind, I ordered some different colours [mine are all orange] and look forward to seeing their flowers in the Summer. Paula Dyason at was so helpful and gave me suggestions as to which day lilies would suit my garden's conditions.

A pretty tree with some my established day lilies

My Acers are looking good

Path needs some work, but new day lilies are tucked up in their new homes.

Spring view of the path to the Summer house

New day lilies

Side of Summer house

More path that needs cleaning up

New plants for containers waiting in the greenhouse. Trying some small dahlias for the first time this year.

Various cuttings that survived the Winter

More cuttings and some Rosemary and Lavender

Patio in a state of preparation

Fig tree still bare.

Gave the patio border a good feed with chicken pellets, so hoping the peonies will appreciate it.

Clearing the brick edging always makes the untidy borders look better.

I can't remember what this stuff is called, but it is amazing, as it has flourished despite being under water for most of the Winter.

Gradually tidying up the fence border.

Up as far as the willow tree.

Before, brick edgings completely grown over.


Another before shot. When this one is finished there's still more big borders to do. 

Friday, 8 April 2016

Workshops in Glass Bead Making - What do you think?

Whenever I participate in an event such as Open Studios, I am often asked, 'do you teach glass bead making?' My answer has always been 'no, because I only have one torch and the insurance would make a class too expensive.' Recently however, I've been reconsidering and really getting excited about the idea. It's early stages at the moment and first I must find out if there is going to be enough interest.

Glass Bead Making Workshops for 2017

I am hoping to set up a workshop next to my garden studio to run tuition in glass bead making for beginners and for those with experience who need just the facilities. I would like to find out if it may be something people would be interested in etc.

If you think you or somebody you know may be interested in making glass beads and would like to know more, then please contact me.,,

Here is a rough idea of how the workshop classes would run. What do you think?

Glass Bead Making Workshops

-       For a maximum of two people working at one time.

-       Introduction/taster course including safety, getting to know the equipment, glass etc and instruction and practise of basic bead making.

Courses and sessions

-       3 hour first steps course including introduction as above. During this course you will learn how to make a basic bead and decorate it in a variety of ways with bobbles and spots.
At the end of your course your beads will be annealed in a kiln and will be cleaned and ready for collection or posted the next day.

-       Further techniques course – 3 hours learning and practising three new techniques such as encasing and making and using stringer.

-       Semi-independent bead making sessions – practising and making beads with some support. New techniques will NOT be taught during these sessions. These are specifically for those wanting to practise and perfect what they have learned. These are charged per hour, with a maximum of three hours per session. Annealing and finishing as above.

-       Independent bead making sessions for those with experience and wishing to work on their own. Glass, facilities and annealing provided. Annealing and finishing not included. Maximum 4 hours.

All bead makers must complete an introduction course before they attend any further courses.
No meals but tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided.

Charges – per person

-       Introduction/ taster course - £10
-       First steps course - £50
-       Further techniques course - £60
-       Semi-independent sessions - £15 per hour.
-       Independent sessions – with glass provided per hour - £10, with own glass - £8 per hour.

Please note that these details are just a draft at this early stage and are likely to change.

March 2016

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Getting ready for 'Magpie Art'

With only three weeks to go, it's all actions go getting ready for the first of this year's events, 'Magpie Art'.

I will be joining Lis Toft, Pauline Evans, Pat Cornwell and Gillian Connor at Quarr Abbey, PO33 4ES from 21st - 26th April each day from 10am to 4pm.

'Magpie Art' is such a good way to describe what will be on display. There will be Gillian's driftwood art, Pauline's glass, Lis' ceramics, Pat's wire work and of course my glass beads.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Spring 2016 - Sand, Sea and Sky

Sand, Sea and Sky

When deciding colours for my Spring collection this year, I started with just two coloured glass rods. I have been using baby blue transparent in a small way for several years. I like it's paleness and it rarely gets a yellowy tinge that clear other pale transparent glass gets. I usually use cream opaque glass in the Winter because it warmer and white for freshness in the Summer. However this was a cream glass I had not used before and from the moment I first used it, I knew it was going to be interesting. So these two colours became the foundation on which to add shape and other
Pale Baby Blue and New Ivory Effetre Glass Rods

As each piece of jewellery emerged it became apparent that a theme was beginning to develop. Wisps of white and grey added to the blue became watery Spring skies. Cream, new ivory and fossil swirled together gave an impression of sand and pebbles.

I have included a few additional photos that reflect my sand, sea and sky theme. These include pebbles and shells from opposite sides of the country and two pictures by two artist friends.

Oyster Shells and Pebbles from Whitstable, Kent and Other Shells from St Davids, West Wales

Pebbles by Trudi Bridgeman

Yachts at Cowes by Hilary Thorpe

And here is a selection of my Spring Sand, Sea and Sky 2016 Jewellery

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Spring is Coming

Photo for Open Studio Entry
Just a little update on the progress of my new Spring collection. Still enjoying the sea, sky and sand theme that has evolved so far.

I have also got my Open Studios application underway for this year. I'm not quite ready to click the submit button yet, as I've been trying to get the wording and photo just right.