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Sunday, 22 March 2015

A Stall at West Quay, Southampton

Why am I writing about what was probably my least successful stall? On the down side I not only sold very little and few people even stopped to look [I do struggle on the eye catching presentation bit]. This was a shame, as I like explaining how my beads are made and watching how people then take a closer look. Never mind, win some, lose some.

Enough of the negatives and onto the positives. Firstly, I was in West Quay and situated quite close to my favourite department store, John Lewis. Every three or four hours I would leave Mark in charge of the stall and have an amble around the different departments, mentally adding things to my wish list.

I feel a little sad that I won't be having another stall at West Quay, as the other stall holders were delightfully friendly and the chats made the day a very pleasant experience.

There was art work, embroidery, iPad and tablet rests and of course all sorts of jewellery. On the stall next to me was Michaela  Carrington who deservedly did well with her fused There was a stall just round the corner where a man wrote and drew on single grains of rice! I watched him write 'Congratulations' on a tiny grain. He didn't even use glasses or a magnifying glass. He would then suspend the grain in a tiny vessel of liquid [ some sort of oil, I think?] which magnified the grain so it can be read by people with normal eye sight.

We managed to get wifi and so were able to unobtrusively follow the Six Nations Rugby. We were packing up and travelling home during the second half of the England v France game, so I didn't get find out what a great game it was until later.

Anyway, even though I won't be there, if you happen to be in West Quay at the end of June, take a look, there's some interesting things.

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