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Friday, 27 February 2015

Amazing Necklaces at the Alverstone WI Craft Group

Selecting beads

More selecting beads
Yesterday I had the great pleasure of taking my beads etc. along to a lovely group of ladies from Alverstone WI. Alverstone is a very pretty village, sort of near Sandown  and oddly, a place I have not been to, despite living on the Isle of Wight just about all my life. I had a really enjoyable morning and  more importantly, I think the ladies did too. Two hours just flew by in a flash. I'm particularly pleased at how everyone created a necklace that was delightfully unique and wearable. I love the way colours and shapes were combined in so many different ways.
Thank you, Sue Lax for organising it.
A present for a daughter

Favourite colours

A finished creation

and another super necklace finished

threading tiny seed beads

A clasp and ring and then all finished

Taking care not to let go of the ends!

A present for a daughter who loves pink

Beautiful shades of turquoise

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