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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Spring is on its Way! My New Spring Jewellery 2015

Earrings in Pale Green and Brown Transparent Glass

Long necklace of speckled flowers
White and Turquoise Mid Length Necklace

One of the lovely things about making beads and jewellery is that I am always looking ahead to the next season. The next season in this case is my favourite, Spring! So here I am in February and the first part of my Spring Jewellery Collection is finished.
This first part combines the freshness of white with soft turquoise opaque glass. The other part is pale green with pale brown transparent, with the impression of fresh new leaves and buds.
For the white and turquoise, I've combined spots, dots and a sort of spot, swirl pattern I first developed last Summer. For my pale green, I thought it just had to be flowers, particularly bell flowers.

My new jewellery can be found on my website and also in the Quay Arts shop in Newport

Spot, Swirl Pattern Necklace


  1. What lovely colours for a spring collection. I particularly like the glass beads. They really do bring to mind new flowers and leaves. What a lovely season to get inspiration from. It must be wonderful to be able to share that creativity with other people and see your designs being worn. Beautiful!

    Verna Ford @ Jacobs The Jewellers

  2. Thank you, you are kind. Yes, I agree, Spring is a great source for inspiration. It's also happens to be my favourite season.