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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

My Summer Garden

Toby likes to pose in all garden pictures. This one is the path to the Summer house

For the past few weeks I've been putting in a fair amount of effort to get my garden up together in readiness for Open Studios at the end of July. Usually I work around the garden at a slower pace. The problem with this is that as the weather gets drier, the ground get harder, making weeds more difficult to get out and newly planted shrubs difficult to establish. So although I'm still losing the battle with weeds, the overall impression I think looks quite good.
This shows some excavation work in readiness for  the raising of the path, to save me paddling in wet weather.

One of mum's lilies

I thought now would be a good time to take some photos, while everything is looking lush.
Pots waiting to find their Summer resting place.
A peony on the patio [and a purple sedum I rather like].

The next three pictures show the side path in Winter, Spring and now in Summer.
Winter pots

Spring pots [and another posing Toby!]

And the same pots in June

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