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Thursday, 9 April 2015

The Return of Red

Considering my favourite colour is red, I think I've done rather well to get to April without making some red beads. The truth is it's done me good to use a different range of colours and tones. I have enjoyed and been pleased with what I have created using aqua, white and mauves. However, with the sun shining and everything buzzing with life in the garden, when I go to the summer house, I keep getting drawn to the red sticks of glass. I suppose it's a little like wanting a fresh salad rather than hearty casserole on a warm, sunny day.
Anyway, I picked out my favourite red and then experimented with earth colours - dark brown, wood, cream and a new one called fossil. I really like fossil as it has a lovely swirly, marble effect. The one down side with 'fossil' is that it is very expensive, so I have to think of ways to use it sparingly but still effectively.
Red with 'fossil' spots and small plain 'fossil' beads

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