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Friday, 17 April 2015

My Perfect Place

Summer house April 2015
A perfect place to chill out after a walk
Earlier today I found a lovely post on Facebook entitled 'She Sheds, Women's answer to the Man Cave'. The sheds are beautifully decorated little places to escape to.

It got me thinking about my shed, or as I grandly prefer to call it, my 'summer house'. It's not a beautiful shed, it's not stylishly decorated. In fact it is messy, cluttered and far too full of stuff. It is the place where I make my beads. But oh, it is so much more than that. It is a little protective capsule of a place. In a world and a life that is always changing, it is a place that stays the same.
View through the door

The other day I was listening to someone explaining what meditation was. They said it wasn't necessarily a person sat crossed legged with eyes closed, making 'om' sounds. It could be simply being in a peaceful state of mind. Well I would say my shed is the nearest I have ever got to meditation and being at peace. When I walk through the door I feel my body and mind relax. The radio or audio book is turned on, the kiln is fired up and very quickly the only thoughts in my head are to do with beads [and following the audio story, of course].

Making Beads

And Toby dog finds it relaxing too!

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